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Kiesha King, rn


Kiesha King is currently a Registered Nurse, pursuing/Aspiring to become a Nurse Practitioner, she is a wife and mother of 4,  as well as an aesthetic nurse injector, Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner, Body Contouring Specialist and the CEO/Founder of Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa, Allure Academy & Lady Allure Philanthropy which is a Non-Profit Organization that support women who lack confidence, self esteem & to Encourage women empowerment &  Collaboration. She has been a healthcare professional for over 20 years. Kiesha has always possessed a passion for health, wellness & beauty. Which led her to leaving bedside nursing and becoming her own boss by opening The 1st medical spa in her Hometown. She want to inspire other women to take back control of their power and feminism when it comes to balance, health, wellness and healing of their own bodies, she also want Women to know that it is ok to enhance their natural beauty through cosmetic techniques, its a form of self love & we as women need to practice more self care and much self love. 


Kiesha offer in person hands on or virtual training courses (live model included) to teach others how to become their own boss & build a profitable business in this rapid growing Million Dollar  spa industry. Yes Kiesha travels & offer concierge training courses as well!

Interested in starting your own business? Don’t know where to start? Allure Academy offer consulting as well as courses to help you start your business and begin your path to true financial freedom! offering multiple training options for anyone who is considering the health, wellness, aesthetic, cosmetic & beauty industry. Payment plans are available.

You DO NOT have to be a NURSE, you can start a non med spa business such as V-Steam Practitioner, Body Contouring Specialist, foot detox, wood therapy, Teeth Whitening Specialist, and much MORE!

If you're a nurse and interested in starting a business in aesthetics such as Botox/fillers, microneedling, PRP, IV Hydration, vaginal rejuvenation or even post op recovery care including lymphatic drainage or creating a weight loss program or starting a MedSpa, Allure Academy offers training in those specialty areas as well & MD  collaboration in specific Texas areas. 

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